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Delta County, Colorado
An Honor Roll containing a Pictorial Record of the gallant and courageous men from Delta County, Colorado, U.S.A., who served in the Great War.
1917 - 1918 - 1919

To the thirty-six gallant sons and one daughter - fair children of America- who made the supreme sacrifice, whether in the training camps, or on the high seas or on the blood soaked fields of France, this book is tenderly dedicated.

Buchite, Vernon L Paonia
Caldwell, Everett M. Crawford
Cobbett, William Arthur, Cedaredge
Dorsey, Hugh Delta
Ebersol, Arthur A Paonia
Filson, Harry Curtis Paonia
Goodenow, George Seville Paonia
Grunig, Paul Harry Hotchkiss
Hann, Jess C Delta
Heater, Isaac Delta
Helland, Lester R Cedaredge
Holdredge, Guy Kenmore Paonia
Johnson, Will R Paonia
Lorah, Vernon Lloyd Hotchkiss
McCully, R.C Crawford
Miller, Andrew F Hotchkiss
Obergfell, Phillip A. Delta, (U8) Private, Company F. Infantry; son of Mrs. Anna Draper of Roubideau, Colorado; born at Delta, Colorado, August 21st, 1894; entered the service at Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colorado, June 14th, 1918; discharged at Camp Forrest, Georgia, December 18th, 1918. Note: Not a fatality, but listed here as a man who went and served his country.
Peterson, Arthur L Delta
Price, Harry Edwin Delta
Roeber, Louis Paonia
Schoneman, Henry Paonia
Scott, ARthur Gregg Hotchkiss
Scruggs, Elmer Hotchkiss
Shelton, Paul Doyle Austin
Simon, Vera Scott Delta
Sutherland, Henry Arthur Delta
Tolle, Oscar L Paonia
Underwood, James Herbert Paonia
Wayman, Harry W Cedaredge
Welty, Howard Cedaredge
Welty, Paul DeWitt Cedaredge
White, Harry Allen Delta
Wilson, Ralph Paonia
Wubben, Eugene Paonia
Wyatt, Earl D. Delta
Young, John H Paonia
Young, Lorraine Ray Delta


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