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Delta County, Colorado

Jed Alan Carleton compiled the information from June 1989 to Jan 1992. In February 1992 he recorded it with the Delta County Clerk's office. That information is available to any one who goes to the court house and requests to look at the information.

Directions to the cemetery:

From the stoplight on Main and Hwy 92 turn and drive east 2.5 miles until you reach 1800 Road, turn to the right or south and travel approx one tenth of a mile south, turn left on H Road and travel east 2.5 miles. The cemetery will be on your left or to the north of the road. The cemetery is not visible from the road and is located on top of a man made rock hill. All you see from the road is the fence, there is a small area to park on the west side of the cemetery and a very steep trail up to the gate on the west side of the property. Not all of the graves are marked, the information as to whom is buried there was taken from locals and old funeral records. This is a very neat cemetery, as the fact that the hill is man made and the soil is very rocky, where each person is buried there is a very distinctive mound. There are approx. six permanent stones and the rest are either unmarked or have temporary markers on them. The layout of the cemetery is documented in the information at the Delta County Clerks office.

Dates Transcriber Comments
Aaragon, Rita No dates
Aaragon, Willy No dates Son of John & Meclita or Mickey.
Daalman, Albert Jr. d 15 Jan 1922 Son of Albert Daalman and Rosalie DeWilde, both of Belgium.
DeWilde, Al No dates
DeWilde, Clementina 21 Jun 1866-22 Jan 1936
DeWilde, Minnie B. 1879-1944 30 years resided in state. Cause of death-congestive heart failure. Father: Fedrick Dohle of Peoria, IL. Mother: Nettie Kirkpatrick of Iowa.
DeWilde, Sadore Aug 1883-15 Feb 1937
Duran No dates
Espinoza, Louie Jim 1953-1953 Was one hour old when he died. He was born 1953 on Garnet Mesa in Delta CO. Father is Jim Pete Espinoza, born in Trinidad, CO. Mother is Antonia Mary Sanchez, born at Ponil, New Mexico 20 May 1917. Antionia Mary is the daughter of Donaciono Sanchez and Fidelia Mitatos. She is the sister of Juanita Valdez."
Lovato, Lorraine 1948-No date Daughter of Beatrice Archeletta of Delta CO. Beatrice is daughter of Juan T Valdez & Colisicia Maria Olivis. Joe Valdez is brother to Beatrice.
McConnell, Mrs. No dates
McDonald, Joseph F. No dates Husband of Mary. Daughter was Minnie May.
McDonald, Mary d 7 Mar 1907 aged 75y 4m
McDonald, Minnie May d 14 Jun 1888 aged 18 y
Meeks, Malinda 23 Aug 1832-10 Aug 1925 Mother:Margaret Bryant of PA. Father: Alexander Howlett of PA.
Olivas, Colisicia Maria No dates Some of her children were: Amelia Valdez, Frank Valdez, Beatrice Archeletta, Joe Valdez
Olivas, Joe No dates Husband of Victoria Aaragon who is buried in Garnet Mesa Cemetery.
Romero, Jorge No dates Romero, Johnny, son of Domingo S Romero & Eva Mary Aaragon.
Romero, Marion b 1937 d age 18 years Son of Domingo S Romero & Eva Mary Aaragon.
Romero, Persepto b 1938 infant Son of Domingo S Romero & Eva Mary Aaragon. Eva was born
10 Dec. 1909 in Cimmeron, NM.
Russell, Elven 27 Oct 1920-24 Jan 1922 Father-Charles Russell from Canada Mother: Minnie Frazer from St. Louis, MO.
Valdez, Alfred d age 3days Son of Toney Valdez and Juanita Sanchez
Valdez, Amelia d age 10 days Daughter of Juan T Valdez & Colisicia Maria Olivis
Valdez, Earnest b 1938 d age 8 days
Valdez, Frank d Nov/Dec 1945 Son of Juan T Valdez & Colisicia Maria Olivis.
Valdez, Ralph 1906-1939 Born 1906 in New Mexico. Died in Peach Valley, Delta Co. Son of Manual Valdez who was born 11 Apr and Leocadia Felicita Espinoza, daughter of Tomas Espinoza & Concepsion Trujillo. Leocadia was bron 6 Jul 1914 Hochne, CO.
Valdez, Tony d age 3 months

Son of Toney Valdez & Juanita Sanchez.



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